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Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl

Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl

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Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl Floating Water Bowls Portable Cat Dog Water Dispenser Non Splash Water Pet Drinking Bowl Kitten Puppy Drinker Bowl 

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Introducing the Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl - the perfect solution for messy drinkers!

With its innovative design, this bowl prevents spills and splashes, keeping your floors clean. Made with high-quality materials, it's durable and easy to clean. Keep your furry friend hydrated without the hassle.


Avoid wet saliva: This slow feeder has plates and water overflow holes, which can perfectly prevent pets' mouths from being wet and yellowing

Waterproof and easy to clean: The dual design of waterproof frame and floating plate effectively prevents overflow.

Pet drinking fountains keep the floor clean and tidy. The pet water basin is easy to disassemble and assemble,

suitable for weekly cleaning, absolutely clean, to ensure the health of the pet.

Slow water intake: The design of the automatic adjustment floating plate can reduce the pet's drinking water speed.

Floating cat water basins can prevent pets from suffocating and vomiting.

Large capacity: The large capacity is enough for pets to drink water throughout the day.

Perfect for all occasions: excellent splash-proof design ensure that it will not overflow even on rough roads.

It is suitable for various vehicle environments, suitable for home, office, studio, outdoor travel, outing and other activities.



Color: Gray / White / Pink / Blue
Material: Plastic
Category: Pet Supplies


Package Includes:

1pc * Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl

Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl in use


Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl can also be used by cat


Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl Detachable Parts


Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl Non Slip Mat


Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl Curve Design


Zero Splash Dog Water Bowl Dimensions
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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Dameon Shields

It’s ok

Jaylin Paucek

Nice!! But my dog has to learn how to drink from it :)

Dillan Morissette

A passing of good I was delighted my cocker did not get his ears wet any more

Justice Lind

Looks good, very solid. Color shade compared to the photo a pity but will do. Recommended

Elmer Spinka

the product is very easy to use. my dog love it and was able to drink from it from the start. thank you for the Seller for the fast shipment